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for the covering of ironing machines in clothing factories

All our products can be used in multiple combinations achieving the same goal: OPTIMUM IRONING RESULT
As there are uncountable possibilities we just state a few suggestions given to us by several satisfied customers, though we know that these combinations of paddings and textile covers will not work on every machine, not with any steam pressure and heat, not at any height, humidity, ... and many more factors influencing the ironing equipment and then most important the look of the clothing.

Nevertheless if you are facing problems with your combination of paddings and covers please do not hesitate to send us a brief description of your problem and the combination you are currently using. We surely can help you to find a solution trusting in our long time experience with clothing factories all around the world. On the other hand all suggestions and descriptions of succesfully used combinations are heartly welcome and will be added to our technical advises.
Below you may also download a general overview about the basic knowledge how to find the optimum covering of ironing tables and presses.


Suggestions and knowlwdge base for ironing machines

Suggestions for
heated and unheated
ironing tables

Suggestions for
different kinds of
clothing presses

Knowledge base:
How to find the
right covering


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