It was a big pleasure to meet again after the long COVID-19 pandemia break at Texprocess fair 2022 in Frankfurt a.M.
We are looking forward to see you again in 2024!

VOMATEX presents a wide range of heat and pressure resistant foams, felts and textiles.
The qualified VOMATEX staff will do their utmost to justify your trust in our German high quality products and services and confirm that VOMATEX deserves the excellent reputation at
 the international clothing industry.

Texprocess 2024

VOMATEX Innovations

Made of the right material

Special silicone

Silicone pads

3 different hardnesses

Special silicone pads are used as heat resistant and pressure compensating pads for shaping,
thermo printing, fusing and shirt presses.

RE Fix

RE Fix powder


Removes adhesive residue, prevents from further sticking and preserves the operation surface of fusing presses, irons and transport belts of fusing machines made of PTFE coated fabrics.

The RE Fix powder does not contain silicone!

Energy saving 3D Spacer Fabrics for ironing

3D Spacer Fabrics

2 different qualities

Used as very permeable padding on ironing tables and presses.

Available in soft quality for finish ironing
or in hard quality for underpressing.

Bristle cover M III

VOMAT bristle covers

for ironing velvet fabrics

VOMATEX developed the VOMAT bristle covers especially for ironing velvet and similar fabrics. The close standing bristles prevent from shine and give a rough finish.

Simply put the fluffy side of the fabric on the bristle side of the cover and iron the left side (inside) of the clothing. The right side will remain fluffy while the left side can be ironed smooth and even.

VOMAT bristle covers are supplied in running meters at 160 cm width and therefore can be cutted easily and at low cost for any kind
of machine

V 216

V-Max Aramid-needlefelt V216

Heavier than the common
V-Max Aramid-needlefelt V 218, 6 mm thick

6 mm thick
180 cm wide

Due to the limited availability of orginal DuPont Nomex® Aramid fibres we can only ensure the continuous production of articles which are containing Aramid fibres by using also Aramid fibres from different manufacturers.
We are sure that you will not find a change of quality at the V-Max Aramid.products.

Vacuum exhausting hose GS

Vacuum suction hose GS

Durable and flexible

This durable and flexible hose with an excellent value for money is used for the reliable suction of condensated steam.

VOMATEX is supplying this superior article to machine manufacturers and clothing factories worldwide.

Additionally to the common inner diameters of
35 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm and 60 mm we now have stock in 80 mm and 100 mm inner diameter.

Teflon/Silicone multi-layer steam hose

multilayer steam hose VM 2

This innovative product consists of three layers

1. Polyester braiding on the outside to prevent injuries at skin contact.
2. Silicone wall for flexibility and heat insulation.
3. Teflon wall with extremely smooth surface which avoids the condensation of steam.

Thus it prevents from water dripping out of the iron even after a short working break!

Endless woven PTFE belt

Endless woven PTFE transport belts

No joint - No seam

Besides the welded transport belts for fusing machines VOMATEX can also offer endless woven PTFE coated belts without seam.
Simply give us the dimensions of the required belt and we will send you an offer by return.

VOMAPOR for trouser presses

VOMAPOR silicone/foam
for trouser presses

giving a straight trouser crease

The VOMAPOR silicone/foam with a soft central stripe is allowing the side seams of a trouser to sink in whilst the crease is pressed with the harder sides which avoids shine at the seams.

Some competitors try to match this solution by glueing silicone/foams of different hardnesses but this method always causes problems with marks at the edges and poor durability. The VOMAPOR silicone/foam with central stripe is produced without glueing from one piece of foam with strong silicone coating at the sides and less silicone coating at the central stripe.

Comparison silicone/foam

Advanced production technology

VOMATEX is producing all VOMAPOR silicone/foams with a unique silicone penetration technique using ultrasound vibrations preventing from the formation of air bubbles between the silicone coating and the foam base.
Pressing a conventional silicone coated foam will destroy the homogeneous silicone surface due to bursting air bubbles. This reduces the heat resistance and the life of the foam. The VOMAPOR silicone/foams avoid these air bubbles, extend the replacement interval and provide a constant ironing quality.

The laboratory analysis of our VOMAPOR silicone/foam compared to two other silicone coated foams shows the excellent quality of the VOMATEX products.
Please download the comparison here.


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