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VOMATEX is specialised in supplying press paddings and coverings of high German quality for industrial clothing presses and ironing tables.
Moreover our wide range of heat and pressure resistant materials is suitable for many other applications like textile bonding, fusing, transfer printing, heat insulation or bending in industries like oil & gas, shoe, furniture, glass, aluminium, ...
So whenever you require a heat resistant and pressure absorbant product please ask VOMATEX.

VOMATEX was founded in 1968 by Hans-Georg Maes and Klaus Vogt. Since then the company grew continuously and is now managed by Mr. Vogts daughter Meike Vogt and son Olaf Vogt.

Today we are one of the world´s leading suppliers of ironing textiles and press paddings used in the clothing industry. The majority of our articles is produced in Germany, some in countries of the European Union, and only few special items by leading manufacturers in other parts of the world.

We are exporting our wide range of superior ironing materials to all countries that are producing clothing for the international market. 
Besides we supply our durable and heat resistant articles to many other industries worldwide.

This website was designed to supply information about our wide range of high quality products and give technical suggestions about the right application at ironing.

The process of finding the right combination of ironing covers is becoming more and more difficult due to the often changing delicate clothing and a wider range of covering materials.
In the ‘suggestions’ section you will find working coverings for a lot of ironing machines given to us by several helpful technicians knowing about the problems that may occur when you want to give your clothing the desired and required look.

We want to thank all these technicians who are working together with VOMATEX and share their knowledge and experience with us.

If there are any problems with the mentioned suggestions or if you found new successful coverings please do not hesitate to contact us.

Press coverings
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Excellent German Quality Products

VOMATEX high quality products

Excellent German Quality

VOMATEX products are made of high quality raw materials and processed with the most advanced methods. 99% of our articles are produced in the European Community, most of them are Made in Germany and follow the latest regulations to save the environment and the health of the end users.
After all our products cost less than cheap imitations because they will last longer and thus reduce machine breakdown time. But most important you will get a constantly good ironing result by using VOMATEX coverings for your ironing tables and presses.

Chamber of Commerce

VOMATEX skilled staff 

Education and training

VOMATEX is ensuring the working skills and quality of our staff by continuous education and training. The Chamber of Commerce confirms that VOMATEX is an approved apprentice training company.

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VOMATEX has got AEO status

Authorized Economic Operator

The reliance of our bookkeeping,
finances and compliance was certified
by the German customs authorities.

Some facts about VOMATEX

VOMATEX at Texprocess 2022

We exhibited our huge range of pressure and heat resistant foams, felts and textiles.

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